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Ronix Supreme - Air Core 3 Black/ Sand/ Dove

Ronix Supreme - Air Core 3 Black/ Sand/ Dove

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A hybrid rocker with full length Speedwalls, this adaptable board is for the rider that wants a little bit of everything


A non-stereotyped advanced board riding with an adaptable style.  The Supreme shape is inspired by an emerging riding style that wants either a faster or more explosive take off depending on how much edge hold the board has. A rocker line unlike any other, with a big flat spot on the outer rails of the board so riders that approach the wake on edge can experience the perfect vertical take-off. Then, the middle of the board has a progressive continuous rocker for a smoother, faster, out-into-the flats style jump. Last year Tyler Higham and Jake Pelot wanted to redesign their shape with less weight and more water feel in mind – but still have a high-end board that will cater to your natural riding style. Our lightweight and lively Italian imported Air Core foam and our thinnest profile makes this new Supreme easier to convert 360’s into 540’s from its low volume swing weight. Superior adaptability enters season #5.



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