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Ozone Torque V2 Freestyle Freeride Kiteboard

Ozone Torque V2 Freestyle Freeride Kiteboard

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Ozone Torque V2 Kiteboard

Twintip for freeride, freestyle and big air from Ozone

The Ozone Torque V2 is a super nice kiteboard for the slightly more advanced kite surfer who is looking for pop, grip, control and big air. The Ozone Torque V2 offers this like no other. This second version of the Ozone Torque has an updated outline and even more grip than its predecessor!

A quick look at the Ozone Torque V2 kiteboard says it all: this kiteboard exudes grip and control! The super thick quad concave immediately stands out. For the Torque V2, the quad concave is made just a bit deeper from in the V1 and therefore gives you even more control and grip. But what’s control and grip if you don"t have speed? Ozone has also thought of that. Due to the average rocker, the Ozone Torque V2 has sufficient speed. In combination you can make very hard take offs with a lot of control and pop. The somewhat stiffer flex ensures that little energy is lost during your take off. Your freestyle tricks and big air will grow to the next level without knowing. Another update compared to the previous Ozone Torque is the more and somewhat narrower tips. These tip updates provide a finer flex pattern with smoother landings and take-offs.

The construction of the Ozone Torque V2 twintip consists of an A-quality Paulownia wood core with a glass fiber layer of the best quality over it. This not only ensures the super fine flex, but also a durable kiteboard.

  • Big Air | Freeride | Freestyle
  • Advanced to pro kite surfer
  • Super grip
  • Wooden core
  • Deeper quad concave
  • Medium rocker
  • Fairly stiff flex
  • Upgraded outline
  • Includes grab handle and fins
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